Sunday, May 9, 2010

Demo White Hollyhocks for Noonday Workshop

15x22 watercolor I did last Saturday at East Texas workshop in Noonday. Pencil drawing already done on 140 lb cold press Kilimanjaro paper, and painting completed in under 2 hours wet in wet using 1" flat Kolinsky sable. This is based on my photo of my own pale yellow hollies.
Instruction was on direct painting style/one application/3 values of darks first, medium, then light values.
This painting is SOLD.


mollie jones said...

And since I was in the workshop, I can tell you all it is even more beautiful than posted here. My problem...I still have not finished! There are so many, many colors here, but it still reads as a white flower...beautiful.

cabap said...

great job Kay,
jan :)