Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Persimmons on a Pillow

Here's my acrylics on wrapped canvas started last week in Doug Walton's class then finished a few days ago. I think Doug wanted it to be total abstraction but I need to have some semblance of reality within a composition. From my photo of Asian persimmons given to me by Rose, Vietnamese nail technician, setting on top of a pillow cover I photographed them in many different views. Pillow covers were made in India and have pearls, braid, ribbon, lace, embroidery, silk, cotton, etc. and make excellent backgrounds using simple fruit and/or other still life items. Size is 24x20; photo was horizontal but was in such a hurry I drew the fruit with a brush in acrylic vertically. Canvas was textured using white acrylic stamping with bubble wrap, let dry, then paint applied very thin in spots, and wiped off in others.

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