Saturday, July 16, 2011

Border Patrol - a daily painting

11 x 6.25 watercolor on Italia 140 lb cold press paper of Jean's cute border collie puppy just like the ones we used to raise on the farm, only they were never allowed in the house as they were working cow dogs.  A daily painting, this took about 15 minutes to sketch and 1.5 hours to paint wet into wet.  As dry as it is here my paper kept drying and I'd have to stop to rewet and sponge, so really not over an hour to paint. 

Tomorrow is National Ice Cream Day so will treat you all with a new painting of yummy fresh dipped flavors in all colors, so do stay tuned!

1 comment:

jane minter said...

hi kay love the way he is sitting alittle lopsided with those wonderful ears ..still trying to paint our bordercollie ! ..great gull sketch