Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Special Delivery storks

22x15 watercolor on Langton 140 lb cold press paper/Daniel Smith paints, done wet on dry today.  Look closely and you can see a baby stork in the unusual nest.  This bird painting is featured in our WetCanvas weekend drawing event where participants have 2 hours to draw and paint their choice of references.  I cropped the original reference and moved the large stork closer to its edge that shows only the left uppermost nest corner.  (Courtesy photo Connie van Winssen, Netherlands)
Image is copyright 2013 Kay Smith.


laura said...

The light, and the drawing, is beautiful.
Have you seen the FB group Painting Colorful Birds for Fun? The stork was their featured bird a couple of weeks ago.

Darla Woodkowski said...

Kay, I so enjoy this blog and come here everyday. I'm a HUGE fan of your work. It's always fresh, full of light and makes me smile. This stork (and baby) is wonderful. You do animals so well...and flowers....and people...and.. :D

Kay Smith said...

Thanks, Laura, no I have not seen that group but will search for it. I've not run across any stork paintings, ever, and I look at art all the time.

Darla, you are so sweet and your remarks so uplifting! Thank you!