Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tulips - WIP woven watercolor

First strip weave at the top.  I started with the right side going left across.

Second strip under first one.  I'm looking and checking to be sure over and under, under and over match up.

 Note I've used large paper clips at the top left and right corners.  Be sure and push together for a tight fit.

On the right you can see the weaving working its magic while horizontal strips to the left show what is remaining of that painting.  Be sure and save the bottom horizontal strip to be the last one woven as you'll want a straight edge.

I've reached the end and had one left over which was the second one from the bottom.  It will be saved and put with other cut pieces of watercolors to use again.  You can make a much looser weave and allow white space to show between each strip.  This one is fairly tight.  It can be framed as a regular one sheet painting with a mat on top or it can be 'floated' on top of a mat showing all edges.  It is now done and a new post will follow showing more detail of the finished woven piece.  I hope you enjoyed the demo.  Here are some
Use 140 lb cold or hot press watercolor paper, not heavier 200-300 lb
Use sharp scissors
Place on white foam core or mat/mount board while assembling and weaving or other flat surface
Sign your name on both paintings in the same general area as one will show on the finished work

Images COPYRIGHT 2015 Kay Smith


Helen Percy Lystra said...

Love the effect you get with this.

Kay Smith said...

Thanks, Helen!