Sunday, May 3, 2015

Woven Tulips finished WIP

15x11 watercolor on 140 lb Canson cold press paper finished work in progress.  Two almost identical tulip paintings were cut into horizontal and vertical strips to weave into one piece.  See the steps in this WIP for previous 5 days (Wednesday, 29 April - 3 May) for a how-to do a watercolor weaving.  Any questions please email, call, or Facebook message me at KaySmithBrushworks.  I really do like how this one looks now.  So if you think your art is boring, paint another then cut them up! Total fun!
Image is COPYRIGHT 2015 Kay Smith.  NOTE:  See woven strawberry 2012 blog demo here

1 comment:

Darla Woodkowski said...

ooooh I love this one Kay! Very unique, good idea to get motivated with your art after a slump.