Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Old Porch

15x11 watercolor completed today of an old white house here in town I've painted before. It is an old railroad abode commonly called the Heckler house that sits at 18th and Main Streets.  When I photographed it in 1996 it was rundown and its proud porch falling into ruin. I've eliminated its second screen door that was where the mailbox is, for clarity.  A woman who lived here as a child commissioned one painting then another and the second one had a black and white cat on the porch.  But the first version I sold to a single guy who moved away and the last version to a lawyer in Wyoming; all were different sizes and color variations.  At any rate, no matter the buyer, old country house porches such as this evoke feelings and memories of nostalgia.  Today's version is an online demo and if time permits I'll post step by step work in progress (WIP) here on the blog.

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