Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunflower Mosaic - demo for WetCanvas!

This is watercolor collage on matboard, 20 x 9.25 inches, drawn with colored pencil done today as a WetCanvas demo. I used slick toilet seat cover torn in pieces and applied with Liquitex matte medium, let dry overnight, then drew my flowers with the CP. Paints used were American Journey Midnight Blue, Prussian (DaVinci), Arylide (DV), Copper Kettle, Harvest Gold, Skip's Green, Mint Julep, Gamboge, Taylor's Flamingo Pink, Halloween Orange (AJ), Grumbacher Red, and quinacridone magenta.
With this technique less water is needed and repeated washes usually are in order to obtain correct values. At the end I drew leaf outline shapes in the dark blue background with my brush for some negative shapes.


Guy Vincent Magallanes said...

Hey Kay! Maybe it's me, but I wasn't able to connect to WetCanvas from your link! Your projects looks like a lot of fun!

Laura Sanz Masdeu said...

Very nice watercolor, I love the strength of the colors you use. Bye!

Kay Smith said...

That is odd! Sorry.