Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kitchen Help

15x11 watercolor and India ink on Saunders 300 lb paper, done today.  I like to draw from life and do whimsical imaginary scenes such as this steamy, smoky kitchen and this obese yet jolly waiter or chef.  I drew with ink and made some proportions larger, exaggerating the symmetry of the small figurine as well as the oversized teapot he's carrying.


Eusebio Sanchez Alvarez said...

Me gusta tu obra, se sale de lo cotidiano, metiéndose de lleno en el día a día.
Por eso me atrajo el camarero que parece salido de un cómic o afino algo mas, de la película de disney la dama y el vagabundo.
Mis felicitaciones por la obra.

Sandra Busby said...

Well I just LOVE this! It is such a fun and quirky painting! And I love the way you have played with proportions - brilliant! :0)

Kay Smith said...