Thursday, August 7, 2014

Texas Cow - a reworked watercolor on Yupo


20.5x20 watercolor on Yupo, a reworked piece today from the image below which I flipped upside down then drew in pencil the cow's outline.  Since the red, white, and blue are Texas flag colors I decided to play up the dark indigo or navy blue and have larger amounts of white with touches of red.  The callas below were cut about 5-6 inches and that image was featured on yesterday's blog as a horizontal almost abstract design.  The cow image was inspired by one seen in a gift catalog that was mass produced, so stay tuned for more.  Yupo is medium weight.  I thought the white calla curl at upper left seen below would make a nice nostril. Many of the pigments were opaques to get them to adhere to the support; in other areas I simply lifted all the paint.  Pattern areas were made using a plastic strawberry basket.  Size of callas below was 26x20.


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Darla Woodkowski said...

I really enjoy seeing your re-do paintings, Kay. This one I loved as the calla abstract. Very unique. I have to say though that the re-do into the cow was just as unique. Very nicely done. You have a gift of seeing the potential in paintings!