Sunday, September 11, 2016

Faux Batik Bird in Alcohol Inks

11x8.5 alcohol inks on wax paper done today; drew the sparrow yesterday with black Sharpie and Micron 05 pens. After tearing a sheet of wax paper I crumpled it up, smoothed out, then crumpled again. The ink didn't spread as rapidly as it has done on slick surfaces so it was easier to manage. To paint it I put a white sheet of wc paper behind so it could be seen.  Below are the few supplies needed for this simple batik-appearing work.  My original sketch was placed under wax paper to trace again.  Also used a wooden chopstick laid on its side to spread inks.  A white gel pen used around the sparrow's eye.
Image COPYRIGHT 2016 Kay Smith.


SUPPLIES:  Wax paper, black Sharpie fine point, Micron 05 pen, white backing sheet 8.5x11.  (Not shown:  Pinata inks.  I used Lime Green, Rainforest Green, Sapphire Blue, White, Black, Burro Brown, Yellow, Grey)

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