Friday, March 14, 2014

Elephant Eyes - WIP to finished

Elephant Eyes 24x18 watercolor, finished late today and ready to go! This was a fun one to do and I hope to watch as seen in the work in progress (WIP) steps below.

Detail of right eye and right tusk.  I used indigo blue and wetly dropped in quin burnt orange, manganese blue, UB, along with Peachy Keen by Cheap Joe's Art Stuff (American Journey paints).

Right tusk detail to show the amount of shading done with the blues plus QBO pigments.

Detail of his left tusk with color added, a glaze of quin gold, letting indigo mix into wet area underneath for shadow tones.

View of entire piece with masking tape removed from both tusks, which we know are white but not to leave them untouched...Right shoulder is a mix of Peachy Keen with lines of UB put in fairly wet.  More lines added for textural wrinkles and folds. His left eye needs more work!

More darks added to his right ear fold shadow.  Small lines put in for cracks and folds of his hide.

His left side is worked on down to end of paper.  The only background will be our right mid-to lower side which I'll do as a dust storm, and only have to look outside for a model for blowing sand.
Images COPYRIGHT 2014 Kay Smith.


Kerstin Lungmuss - Rizi - said...

I am glad that you are showing us These beautiful Pictures.

Greetings, Kerstin

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Thanks for showing the process. Well done!

Kay Smith said...

Thanks Kerstin and Helen!