Saturday, April 11, 2015

Indian Fisherman - WIP

15.25x 11.75 mixed media on matboard.  Probably finished but will study again tomorrow or during the coming days.  Image is COPYRIGHT 2015 Kay Smith/courtesy WetCanvas Weekend Drawing Event in All Media Art Events forum.  (Two hour timed exercise).

The image above is at the 2 hour mark. The water was not painted in and plaid shirt plus details were omitted; I like the unfinished look to it being rough just like the fisherman who leads a hard life.  You can see the yellow nylon nautical ropes behind him and distant shoreline trees.

 Next is ink line with Staedtler LumoColor black in pen as above.

I chose a hardworking Indian fisherman and decided to use 15.25x 11.75 matboard onto which I put down a stencil of odd shaped holes and painted both acrylic and watercolor (no gesso first). See it here above.