Friday, April 14, 2017

Ziggy cat with Brusho

6x9 watercolor and Brusho on Canson 140 lb. cold press paper done today as part of our Watermedia forum April challenge.  Hosted by fellow artist Joanne Nemeth, Ziggy is one of her three male cats who happen to be brothers.  I sprinkled Brusho on dry paper then made small brush water marks letting the pigments run.  After blending orange and yellow, I added ultramarine blue to the rest plus black.  Brush work and negative painting were then done and finally stamping his cat bed with bubble wrap painted with quinacridone violet completed the pet portrait.
Image COPYRIGHT 2017 Kay Smith


Janie said...

Very artsy - love it so much!!! I don't know what brusho is...will be googling it.

Kay Smith said...

Thanks Janie! You must try it. So much fun!