Wednesday, September 29, 2021

National Coffee Day

It is National Coffee Day! This is titled "PerkFection" and a day is always perfect once it is begun with that strong beverage with no cream no sugar. Size 8.5x5.5 mixed media on Bienfang sketchbook of a stainless steel percolator (people still use those? I do) and coffee cup with roses. After ink line drawing done with Micron 01 pen, watercolor was added to pot, cup, and table. Background is blue and red Montana acrylic markers. COPYRIGHT 2021 Kay Smith

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Jo Castillo said...

This is a wow! I didn’t know it was coffee day and for the first time I can remember I didn’t have coffee until lunch time. Crazy. I may have missed if I had to fast for a blood test or something, but I never forget coffee. I love percolated coffee. We have drip now. I liked the Corning ware pots. Hmmm.