Friday, January 15, 2010

Second Demo of Pears - Watercolor Collage

More Pears on Pepper Plate, demo done Wednesday, about an hour, for the workshop on pears. This one is 15x22 matboard with collaged tissue (toilet seat covers) and paperback The Winds of War pages, and newsprint type. Also has white gesso in a few areas. The board was prepared ahead of time and when dry I drew the peppers then the pears. Transparent watercolor was next and black India ink line around some of the peppers for distinction. One of the students bought it so it is SOLD.


V Bridges Hoyt said...

Love your pears, Kay, and your blog is looking really good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay, STUNNING! Toilet seat covers?! Love the creative use of materials. The colors, shapes and textures are fun and wonderfully done!

Kay Smith said...

Thanks Nita! It is your lovely and eye-catching design that made this blog so attractive.

Thank you Peggy. Yep, toilet seat covers are nice, slick, and shiny tissue so thin that work well for collage. Try it.