Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lipsticks of the Garden

TULIPS - The Lipsticks of the Garden, just as the flowers and plants catalog suggested. I was in the mood to do vivid blooms as we are to have cloudy rainy weather today till the weekend. Drawn with colored pencil, I sketched the design after work and painted all in about 2.5 hours. Size is 10 x 13.25 inches, support is matboard with tissue and text collage using matte medium, and Daniel Smith, DaVinci, and American Journey watercolors.


shicat said...

Hi Kay, I love your work. I was wondering on your collage do you paint with watercolors on matboard? If so what kind? I have a painting of a dove that I would like to collage,and I was thinking of working directly on the watercolor paper,since it's already painted? I'm not taking a class at the moment so I thought maybe I could ask a pro? thanks and again I love your work.(fun happy colors)

Kay Smith said...

Hi shicat, yes I paint with wc's on matboard but do cover the Crescent partly with either gesso or matte medium. It is acid free. You can work directly on your wc paper.

Thanks for the comments and for stopping by.