Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reworked Abstract Zebra

22x30 acrylic abstract done a few years ago and used as the basis for a new work as seen below:

30x22 mixed media finished piece, Zebra Vibration, done today. I used a black permanent marker to draw the animal's shape and stripes, then black ink for those. Lastly I added opaque and transparent watercolor to the background, plus gouache. Crayons as wax resists you can see clearly now.


magaliblog said...

I love how you reworked this piece and many others... your choice of colors is so interesting and exciting, you are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing.

Carole Berry said...

Wow this one is really good. I love the background. Your getting better and better at this.
like it better than the abstract.

Kay Smith said...

Thanks ML and Carole, it was a lot of work but I had fun.

Marion Hedger said...

Very interesting Kay. I will look at all my failed paintings in a new light now


Kay Smith said...

Marion, never throw away the paintings you dislike. Thank you for your comments.