Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Collage - Next Step: More Glue!

The "white" background and inbetween spaces is now collaged with white, off white, and other neutral values of torn paper. Some areas still need to be covered again as I don't want the grays in the watercan to have conflicting values. It needs to be prominent, at least until all pansies are done. Most of them are in as seen here and hot pink one needs to be more pale for contrast. All in all, a fun time and I'm learning more as I go along. Susie advised to add light white acrylic to the background if needed.


Unknown said...

Love it so far! Isn't collage fun?

mollie jones said...

Kay...I'm really amazed that you are getting the very same colors on your flowers with your torn paper as you get with you color selection in watercolor. How cool!