Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chili with Pink Zinnia - a pet portrait

15x22 watercolor of my tuxedo kitty named Chili.  He is now 10 years old this month and I've painted him many times.  A few years back I set up a still life of fresh zinnias in a sunflower pitcher, an old quilt and napkin and he jumped on the table top and decided to be part of the not-so-still still life.  Although this painting was not done today I'm posting Chili's portrait in honor of his birthday.  It was painted wet in wet with no masking for his whiskers.  This set up was in my living room that has dark Hunter green walls...there appeared tiny marks in the paint so after it dried I added different pieces of color for an unusual pattern.


Linda Rupard said...

Good job. I cant believe he is 10 years old now.

Sandra said...

This really does say 'Kay Smith' to me! It is so 'you'. I LOVE your really colourful pieces and the patterns in the cloth add so much interest too. Love, love, love it!!

Kay Smith said...

I last saw him Thursday night, 9/9,
on our patio. He has disappeared into thin air and I can't stop crying. This painting is no longer for sale.

Thank you Linda and Sandra for your comments.