Sunday, November 13, 2011

Heirloom Hollyhocks

30x11 watercolor on 140 lb Italia cold press paper, painted in a direct manner on paper spritzed with water.  Drawn from my studio hollyhocks these regal reds emphasize their heirloom quality as old fashioned flowers so full of nostalgia.  This painting has won Best of Show.  This work has now been SOLD.


jill polsby said...

Question:  what do you mean painted direct and spritzed with water?  Love th=
e look of this....did you spray it with water while the red or the green was=
still wet?  Tell me, tell me!!

Kay Smith said...

I took a fine mist water sprayer and spritzed in spots right before applying fully loaded brush to the area. Then occasionally I'd lightly spritz back into an area for a mottled look.