Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scarlet Macaw - torn paper collage

10x10 torn paper collage on wrapped canvas, my demo from yesterday's class.  I drew the parrot with black felt tip permanent marker after gessoing the canvas, then began tearing, not cutting, paper from quality magazines and adhering with matte medium.  Today I spent 2 more hours getting him done.  There's a frog, a paintbrush, a butterfly, bracelets, rooster, red jalapeno pepper, steamer pot, trivets, a green colander, apple, chair, etc., within the square composition.  Tomorrow I'll apply varnish medium to seal it and make it shiny.


Leada Wood said...

I like your new look on your blog! Are you a Parrot Head? I am too! Cute bird!

Mari Jose Molina said...

i love your collage!!! :)

Kay Smith said...

Thanks Leada and Mari. Yes I'm a parrot head.