Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Candlelight Roses work in progress (WIP)

This is grey ink sketch using 3-4 different colors done today using old silver candlestick and imaginary roses for a work in progress watercolor I'll post as I go.  I flipped the candlestick and drew it higher on the right side for balance, then added a red and black bowl as seen in the beginning image below.

15x11 watercolor on Strathmore 140 lb cold press paper and Daniel Smith paints, about 1.5 hours of work this afternoon during the pouring rain (thank you Lord, for the rain!) Stay tuned.  Another New Year's resolution for me was to resolve to paint more still life.  So this one is my 4th still life, and I have done even more but they are ink sketches that have not been shown.

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Pat said...

Looking good so far.
Will be watching with interest.