Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Children Portraits: Jimmy and Jan

11x15 watercolor from my client's memory, a twilight scene with fireflies in east Texas one hot summer. They were 5 years old and he placed a lightning bug (firefly) ring upon her finger. I tried to show the innocence of children having a private moment she would cherish and remember from the mid 1950s. Getting the light just right, plus all the rest, was a real challenge! I don't have kids and had no references, so it was even more difficult to depict "Jimmy and Jan", and hope I did it justice.  This painting is SOLD.
Image COPYRIGHT 2013 Kay Smith.


Phyl said...

Hello Kay,

I follow you on Art Colony and really admire your work. I adore this "memory painting". I'm sure it will be cherished.

Kay Smith said...

Thank you, Phyl! I'm thrilled you like it and hope it will be well received.

Shelley Whiting said...

This picture is very dreamy and ethereal. Beautiful and lovely artwork.