Sunday, December 15, 2013

Zebra Elements 1

9x8.5 watercolor using brush only, no pencil, done this weekend so I'd have two zebra details loosely painted to go into a single frame. First I wet top side only of each of these Canson 140 lb papers, then with 1" brush smeared sepia watercolor and let dry for an abstract background.  Then choosing one of my zebra photos from a wildlife preserve I used my Zoomfinder to zero in on parts of the animal to draw with #8 round synthetic brush.  Here you see the animal's right eye and right ear, mane, and part of forehead.  Other colors used were UB, quinacridone burnt orange, yellow ochre, mint julep, and indigo.  Tomorrow I'll show the second one and it won't necessarily be the lower part of the zebra's head to follow along with this.  It may be the opposite side!
Image COPYRIGHT 2013 Kay Smith.

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