Friday, January 24, 2014

Chickadee Carol

6.75x9.75 acrylic on board, another in my chickadee series.  The abstract background is seen in image below.
For abstract backgrounds, I am using a 5x7 mat and placing it here and there on a full sheet (22x30) acrylic abstract painting done several years ago.  Then after taping the mat to an interesting section, I copy the isolated design onto prepared acid free mat board, then decide what bird to place on it as the center of interest, a realistic subject on a randomly painted support.  This bottom image was taken with my iPhone and its colors are not as vivid as the scanned finished blackcapped chickadee version.  An easier way to do the subject would be to simply take a pair of scissors and cut out an interesting rectangle, then paint the bird on top.  But I did not want to destroy the original painting.
Images are COPYRIGHT 2014 Kay Smith.


Sea Dean said...

You're so clever Kay. I love the original background but the chickadee is even better. I'm a bit confused about how you 'copy' it onto the mat board. Do you mean re-paint it or photo copy it? Whichever way, it's brilliant.

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Very nice post! Merveilleuses peintures !
Have a lovely weekend!
Cath-(Cath CH Photography)

Laura Leeder said...

Great results!

christiane fortin said...

Great and lots of fun I would imagine right. Love the bright colors.

Darla Woodkowski said...

I like the abstract background, it's colorful and fun. I have so many chickadees on my bird feeder that I love watching and have one picked out to paint.