Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hidden Hearts - acrylic abstract

22x30 acrylic on Lanaquarelle 140 lb hot press paper, the last one done in Doug Walton's class on Thursday.  Its abstract design is based upon a tiny 3x3 square of 5 colors chosen thru a random drawing.  Top background is glazed with Liquitex fluorescent red.  As I worked, dark and pastel pink hearts appeared, hence the title.  In my tiny square, the black only went about 1/3 of the way across from right side; Doug had me paint it all the way to indicate a mountain.  Later when it is back from the Heritage Museum show, I may take the black out and further develop the heart theme.  More detail is what I like so this one's my favorite of all the pieces done.
Image is COPYRIGHT 2014 Kay Smith.


garden.nanny said...

Hi Kay- I love your abstract. When I first looked at it I thought you had created a tribute to those who tragically list there life in that horrible mudslide in Washington- hence the title Hidden Hearts. Something like 170 people are missing underneath it.

Darla Woodkowski said...

I actually like the black in this one Kay. I think Nanny's comment makes sense. It could be a wonderful tribute to those lives lost. It's a beautiful painting.

Kay Smith said...

Thanks for your remarks. That does make sense of the abstraction.