Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Front Entry Nature Decor DIY

During Sunday afternoon's sandstorm I was busy paying attention to the theme of an old decorating book called Use What You Have.  Since this is a creative blog it is time to show some of the other interests up my holiday sleeve.  I had the old metal pail and watercan, pinecones, curly willow branches, and plaster mourning doves.  Hometalk online had recently featured paper snowflakes on straight twigs as flowers.  But I did not have any white paper snowflakes as Dollar Tree was out, so opted for their small and large plastic ones, and paper stuffed stars for ornaments to put on the branches.  Pinecones filled the bucket while the glue gun heated and I was able to either hang snowflakes or glue them.  Tiny silver frosted Christmas balls were put on at random for an outdoorsy natural set up...all for just a few dollars.  Corny? Maybe, but who knows, this do-it-yourself array might find itself my next unique still life.  Now all we need is snow!

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Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

Such a nice thing I've done, but didn't think of it as DIY has been finding interesting rocks ... several quite large... to decorate with. Nice memories and interesting conversation starters !