Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tulips - WIP woven watercolor

Continuing on day 2 work in progress of watercolor tulips, two painted at the same time on quarter sheets side by side.  Today I did not have much time, maybe 20 minutes, so had to think and work fast to get the greens going.  I used arylide yellow, Prussian blue, ultramarine blue, and green gold.  Stems of the blooms were done first then the leaves.  Keep in mind I am doing "direct painting" meaning ONE application only, as dark or as light as needed.  This approach ensures freshness with no muddy colors resulting.  Now if too light I will add a wash to the desired value.

Note diagonal lines of the leaves and curves.  Even the stems are on a slant.  This is to indicate movement of the leaves and blooms and avoids stasticity of straight line elements.  Tomorrow the small tiny tulip just about to open will be put in, then the background which will be darker value to showcase the lightest lights in the flowers.  Both are similar but not exact as you won't be able to tell once they are cut into vertical and horizontal strips then woven into one piece.
Images COPYRIGHT 2015 Kay Smith.

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