Friday, May 1, 2015

Tulips - WIP woven watercolor

Continuing with day 3 in this work in progress of tulips on 15x11 paper; two images painted side by side in a direct painting method.  Usually only one application with a brush is done unless values need strengthening.  These iPhone images may not be clear enough

With today's work I started on the small tulip bulb just opening from its beginning stage.

 Close up view of the new bloom; colors are arylide yellow, permanent rose, green gold.  Stem of a mixed green was first.

Other mixed greens of UB, Prussian and arylide are put in with pale light values.  Under top tulip I've started the background which I've decided should be dark values.  Using quinacridone violet, UB, thalo green, carbazole violet put down next to each other on dry paper I let the pigments mix and blend.

Here you can see broad strokes with the 1" flat brush on other side of top tulip going across the top towards the left upper area.  Hopefully the darks will push lighter blooms forward to really make them pop! When the background is painted I'll take a step back to look at both paintings to see if any more fixes are necessary.  Then we get out the scissors and do some surgery.  Stay tuned!
Images COPYRIGHT 2015 Kay Smith.

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