Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tulips - WIP woven watercolor


This is a close up of dark background that I added an opaque watercolor to in order to push pigment around and do unusual tricks. I've added Orchid by American Journey (Cheap Joe's) to background colors of quinacridone violet, UB, thalo green, carbazole violet.

Side by side now we have two completed paintings almost identical using a secondary color palette for the most part.

First slightly wavy vertical cut; you can do very straight also but stick to one or the other, about 1-1.5" in width.  Continue across.

 Now cut up the second painting but in horizontal strips also a bit wavy.

You can see both directional cuts of each image side by side.  Most often you will have 1-2 strips left over.  Don't throw away! Keep in your collage paper stash for another time.  Stay tuned as another post is coming.
Images COPYRIGHT 2015 Kay Smith.


Nancy Happily said...

You really did a great job with this tutorial. Thanks. It looks like a fun one to try!

Kay Smith said...

Thank you Nancy! I hope you will try it.