Friday, September 30, 2016

Morning Shadows ~ morning glories

22x15 watercolor on 140 lb paper of white and variegated blue & white morning glories.  I took this photo reference while visiting at Lake Ransom Canyon with the morning sun making such interesting shadows especially on the white flower.  This flowering vine can be a pest in some countries growing and crowding other garden plants out but here we grow them for their beauty and lovely blue and purple hues.  I featured it during this month's plant parade challenge on WetCanvas where we focused on varieties of morning glories.
Image COPYRIGHT Kay Smith and is SOLD.

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Jan said...

That's gorgeous. I understand the 'wild' morning glories really aren't morning glories but a close cousin called bindweed. They even exude something into the soil to prevent other plants from growing so they can spread more easily. They're a fascinating plant but so beautiful, aren't they! Wonderful job on this!