Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tap Water Painting

This is the painting below with as much paint scrubbed off under tap water in the sink as I could get yesterday.

First painted version from reference photo, courtesy Nusret. Size: 15x22 painted fairly close to the actual hues and design wet in wet watercolor. When almost dry, I scrubbed off all the pigment I could with a sponge and let dry to determine my final design. (See above)

15x22 Poppies and Berries, finished version with lots of layered negative painting of leaves, berries, and flowers ala wild woodlands, after washing off all pigment from first painting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kay, I like the final version! Pretty neat how you added the lace of the stems and leaves! Festive!

Kay Smith said...

Thank you Peggy. It was fun to do but labor-intensive of several hours.

Richardson said...

Hi Kay,
Your flowers are pretty. I paint flowers too. The vivid colours of their blossoms and paint always compliment one another. Come and have a visit.