Sunday, October 9, 2011

Attitude - a watermedia collage figure

22x15 watercolor, gouache, collage over life drawn figure in  charcoal done in Liz Hill's class a few days ago at Wenmoh's Ranch.  Stamping was done using my hand carved block; rose red giftwrap make up the collar, cuffs, and trim on the model's shirt jacket. I also used colored pencil at random.


Floriana Quaini said...

very nice. I love your color and fantasy. I don't know well english , I understand that you was in class with theacher Liz Hill. It is right? I love her works and your woman is in the same espirit. Ciao, Floriana

IrinaSztukowski said...

Stunning piece Kay! This portrait looks like Lady Autumn: definitely has her attitude there.
Thank you,

mollie jones said...

Attitude is fabulous!!