Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rosemary II

22x15 watercolor, gouache, watersoluble crayon and colored pencil, plus charcoal.  This painting was done last weekend and I have reversed the image from the first time I drew this figure.  In the first one I used paper napkin collage as well as acrylics for the pattern and background respectively.   


IrinaSztukowski said...

It is visible that Rosemary is such a Girl; she knows sense of color and she is posing for a good portrait :)
Wonderful game of colors and great composition. Somehow I was thinking about Egyptian Queen by looking at her.

Marius said...

Hi! Beautiful watercolor, full of color and light! I like it very much!

Norma Wilson said...

Love your work! It is so playful and unique..very inspiring!

Ontheroad said...

Terrific mixed media piece.

Kay Smith said...

Thanks to all of you!