Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Ones That Got Away - male collage figures

30x22 torn paper collage over gouache and watercolor, a design composition I've gone back into.  Initially, this one was watermedia and drawn in charcoal and it didn't work, so I used torn paper and collaged the central guy with a cigarette.  Still it was off, so this weekend past with 3 days off, I tackled it again, applying more torn magazine pieces adhered with acrylic matte medium to the two side men.  Some areas around the main guy's white shirt were refined.  Each guy represents those hunks that 'got away', so I was laughing and reminiscing.  Phrases such as Snake Charmer, Control Freak, Grow a Pair, honeymoon, the ones that got away, etc., can be seen incorporated into various areas.
Image COPYRIGHT 2013 Kay Smith.

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