Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wild Goldfish

6x6 watercolor over Pigma Micron 01 ink sketch I painted a few days ago in my hotel room in Gilbert, Arizona.  Painting time was very quick using no color reference, just pure artistic impulse or intuition.  For over a month now you may have noticed watermark placements on each image posted, and this is now a necessity, as my images are being lifted (stolen) and sold unauthorized.  This is copyright infringement and is protected by Copyscape on this blog.  Sharing or posting via Facebook or Pinterest is acceptable, but downloading for private or commercial use is prohibited.


Helen Percy Lystra said...

Love the fish. Good idea to do put your name on there, I noticed it on wetcanvas. I haven't been doing it but I do have my images very small on line.

christiane fortin said...

Kay this is totally fun and filled with amazing colors. Love it!