Monday, May 19, 2014

Giraffes Grazing

7x10 mixed watermedia collage on Canson mixed media paper done this afternoon. Drawn with an orange Magic colored pencil, then a fast underpainting with transparent pyrrol orange/quinacridone gold watercolors was done.  When dry, I added brown and quin burnt orange patterns with some green, then the bg foliage.  After that dried I used brown torn tissue paper that had small squares and a giftwrap paper featuring colored circles, adhered with matte medium.  Lastly, I used a blue Magic pencil to make calligraphy marks in bg trees and bushes.  (Ref courtesy Connie/WetCanvas and featured on All Media Art Events forum, Weekend Drawing Event in which you have only 2 hours to select a subject and do your art).
Image is COPYRIGHT 2014 Kay Smith.

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Darla Woodkowski said...

WONDERFUL mixed media painting, Kay. I love the colored circles mingled with the watercolor spots on the giraffes. GREAT JOB!