Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trying to Set up a Still Life & Look What Happens

Meet little tuxedo kitty Chili who demanded to be included in a still life of an old tablecloth, a plaid napkin, my sunflower pitcher of fresh zinnias on the buffet. This painting is about 2-3 years old and is 15x22 watercolor on cold press paper.


Guy Vincent Magallanes said...

Love it! What a hoot your cat is, I can here it now "I will not be ignored!" Very colorful and whimsical and adorable

jane minter said...

i remember this painting kay ...i love the perspective and off course chili makes the painting reminds me of our two B+W cats

Kay Smith said...

Thanks Guy and Jane. Yes, those cats are really clowns in disguise.

José said...


The painting is quite cheerful and the cat's position and expression gives it a very special touch.

Best regards,


jamila aladdin said...

Hi Kay this is a very expressive piece .te cat´s pose certainly gives it a special element