Friday, April 8, 2011

Contour Line Drawing

Here's a contour line drawing on the back of a failed tulips painting on Arches 140 cold press paper, 22x15. I used a black 01 Pigma Micron pen and began at the top of my head working all around, never letting up on the pen, as you're supposed to do with these type drawings. It is a bit more freer than trying to capture a photorealistic image. I'll add texture next, let that dry, then stamping, painting, adding and subtracting areas until it starts to look like a woman holding her purse. The bleed-over of colors from the tulips does not bother me and this will be a fun adventure in preparation for my 23 April class "Funtastic Figures" here in Big Spring. So stay tuned!


Sandra said...

What a fantastic idea!
There is an exibition local to me at the moment and the artist has done some wonderful watercolours of the landscape of London. They appear to be rather naive and as a result they have so much charm!
What he has actually done, according to his write up, is to draw everything with his left hand, even though he is right handed. I would never have thought of this!

Kay Smith said...

Yes, I have done that as well, and it really shakes up your work, Sandra.