Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Step 5 figure

Hey, I don't look too bad half dressed, ha! I think the blouse will be done in blues and purples with some white, painted very quickly. The brown bag straps and belt were done with quin burnt orange, Carbazole violet, and quin gold. Skin tone were American Journey Peachy Keen, Apricot, QBO, and permanent rose. Already I can see my left arm is too skinny so will alter that. Hair colors: quin gold, raw sienna, burnt sienna, UB, and arylide yellow.


Sandra said...

I love the effect of the bubble-wrap.
I used it myself in my recent painting of the dog. I want to do alot more experimenting with textural marks. I am really liking this already and I'm enjoying following it's process too :0)

Kay Smith said...

Thanks Sandra! I've used it many times.