Friday, June 8, 2012

Group Dynamic reworked fish demo

AFTER version, final touches added in this last step.  I borrowed a stamp that had small fish scales pattern and stamped into the blue head area with a mixed black; not much free space anywhere on this marked up fella!  Collage can be seen clearly now on white nose and mouth and large and small side fins.  The eye was adjusted and finally, I used black India ink only at random to outline shapes where needed.  In Doug Walton's famous words:  "Touch that which is most important the least, and touch the least important the most!" I've spent more time on the water area than on the grouper itself.  This was a learning experience for me as well as the class participants.  Here is Group Dynamic, 22x30 mixed watermedia, copyright Kay Smith.  Thanks to all the students who did wonderfully on their own rescue/recycling of old paintings into new works of art!


Sandra said...

Well I absolutely LOVE this!! I'm a keen scuba diver and the underwater world is a subject that really appeals.i love your approach to this painting and as always, your textural effects are brilliant!

christiane fortin said...

Kay it's beautiful and so full of colors.