Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Torn Paper Collage - step by step

SUPPLIES:  12x12 wrapped cotton canvas, black felt tip marker to draw mug design (mistakes don't matter).
 Glossy magazines with colorful photos you'll tear, not cut, with your hands.  Here are several favorites.

Jar of matt or matte medium to adhere torn pieces, one craft brush, and a table to lay canvas flat.  Decide if you want a warm or cool colored mug; I like hot colors so this'll be mostly oranges, yellows, pinks, and reds with a few cool accents for balance
 Close up of color combinations and black pieces for the coffee or tea; brush thin coat medium onto canvas then brush on top of paper, pressing out any bubbles

Left mug edge was a natural line found in an ad; these are good if you can find lines or curves with a good color on other side
 More warm colors added with cool accents of blues and greens. Don't worry about ragged jagged edges!
 More oranges and magenta pinks added to saucer covering up my bad drawing on left side. Remember you can cover over an area you dislike
 Background coming into focus now that'll be mostly white with pink touches, coffee or tea references, and I added a bunny for Spring. White shouldn't have lots of color on reverse side as it might show through the medium.  I added different blue/green pattern inside of mug rim that was a bracelet ad
 More patterns added here and there; I'm not liking the magenta mug bottom so may collage on top of that.  Sides are done last after finishing up the bottom here.
Final step! I added three red strawberries to right side of saucer and one on its left.  Finished! Now to coat with several, maybe 5 brushed on gloss medium varnish layers for shine and to protect/seal the collage.  Sign with black permanent marker, add wire and hooks to the back and it is ready to hang in someone's kitchen!
Coffee or Tea 12x12 torn paper collage on canvas COPYRIGHT March 11, 2014 Kay Smith


Darla Woodkowski said...

Thanks for sharing your steps with us Kay. I have a coffee mug collage all set to go sitting on my desk too. I found the photo ref in WetCanvas. I love your bright colors!

Kay Smith said...

Darla, I hope you get yours done quick so I can see it. If you'll email it to me I can upload it here to this blog, if you want to.