Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Seagull - First Art Abandonment

 4 x 5.25 mixed media collage on matboard done yesterday in preparation for abandoning it today.  Media used:  Watercolor, gouache, oil pastels, cocktail napkins, acrylic white paint on tissue, India ink and drawn with Pigma Micron 01 pen.  After reading The Art Abandonment Project (NorthLight Books) by Michael deMeng this past week, I just had to join the hundreds of thousands of artists who make an item then leave it in a public place, photograph it, and hope the artwork will cheer some soul.  Just after leaving the seagull in clear plastic ziplock bag in this Big Spring store, I saw one of the cashiers whom I recognized from our country club's kitchen.  She said she had to take a second job as the club cut her hours.  So I'm hoping she walks to the back chip section and sees the tag saying A Gift for You and opens the little present from me.  See below. Also known as "guerilla art", this project is worldwide, even in Antarctica, and has its own Facebook page of same name, Art Abandonment.  Image is COPYRIGHT 2014 Kay Smith.


Mamesse said...

So moving and inspiring! Maybe i can find some purpose, now!

Jill Wiedman said...

This is such a blessing...a great way to encourage someone!

Kay Smith said...

Yes, it is very satisfying and makes me feel good, too!