Friday, October 10, 2014

Spider Plant in Polkadot Cup

5x12 watercolor and gouache with ink on Moleskine watercolor sketchbook done today.  It's the first assignment with "Beginnings" in Sketchbook Skool. The 6 week course has different instructors and this lesson was on creating something you love by well known artist Danny Gregory. It will be uploaded to their site on or before October 17, when the next course starts.  With this exercise, you use a warm watercolor randomly applied wash, let dry, then apply a cool gouache color, let dry, then draw your subject with black medium tip ink pen (Faber Castell).  Fill in areas with black then add text or other patterning.  Lastly add white pencil then white gouache splatters.  I've been curious about Sketchbook Skool so this is a fun endeavor; I did not start it last Friday so will have to play catch up.
The large polkadot cup has blue and green dots with white background and its saucer is white with blue rim in this illustrated journaling.
Image is COPYRIGHT 2014 Kay Smith.

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