Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentine Song

8x6 mixed media collage on Stillman & Birn zeta series sketchbook done today since it is now February, lovers month, the 14th of which we celebrate that most noble of all feelings and desires.  I first outlined a heart shape on an old novel page that happened to be about valentines using a dark pink felt tip marker.  Next I used watercolor pencils to do an hombre' effect going from red to orange to peach to pink then yellow and back.  I wet those areas with a small brush and did splattering using the wet paint.  I spread matte medium on the paper's back then with a brayer rolled it onto the sketchbook page getting all air bubbles out.  When dry I used a red Montana acrylic marker for extra lines and emphasis then used a pink one for the edges.  It would be fun to do one heart a day challenge until the 14th arrives.
Image COPYRIGHT 2017 Kay Smith.

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