Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chickadee Migration

15x30 watercolor on Fabriano hot press paper that was coated with heavy gel medium. Three 6" squares were blocked off and covered. After stamping into the gel, I let it dry, then drew shapes and wrote words 'chickadee migration', covered all with blue and gold watercolor, then wiped off all paint. Next I carved out tree branches and limbs. Into the middle square I painted a bird's nest with eggs and let the painting tell me what it needed. A black crow appeared in the left square and far right a speckled leaf that uses repetition along with the eggs.


Debbie said...

Kay, I find this fascinating!!!!
I like the way you use different medium and textures to create something so wonderfully acrylicy looking. Makes for an exciting and visually interesting watercolour!

Love it!

V. Bridges-Hoyt said...

Beautiful, Kay! You are so creative ... this is "real art" and I want to see more! I'm sure you won't disappoint. :) Keep 'em coming.

Kay Smith said...

Thanks so much Debbie and Nita!