Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surfer Dude - finished version

13x10 watercolor on matboard work in progress fiished today. I used touches of gouache to soften and mute out some of the more obvious black Micron pen lines and to add splatter in foreground water drops.


Sandra said...

I really like this one! Obviously the subject is rather easy on the eye ;0)
But I particularly love the way you have painted the water, which is something I struggle with, so I shall certainly take some inspiration away with me today :0)

Kay Smith said...

Thanks Sandra! Glad you like this fellow.

To Suzy:
The surfboard is not transparent and the shadow across it is from his body and not his arm.

Sarah said...

It's great that you posted the surfer painting from start to finish. It'll be a helpful guide for aspiring artists on how to play around with watercolor on matboard .