Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hanging Out to Dry

"Hanging Out to Dry" 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 inches, Winsor Newton paint, Saunders Waterford 300 lb cold press paper. This little mini was done in my hotel room while on a 3 day trip. I used my WN travel kit, #8 round, and the very tiny brush w/ the kit. We had clotheslines/poles just like this when I grew up and all smelled so fresh. Several articles of clothing were drawn from life or imaginary.  This work is SOLD.


Leada Wood said...

Why did they smell fresh back then? Now when I hang them out they smell like weeds or pollen, not like they did when I was little. We lived in town, maybe that is the difference. My mom would startch my brothers jeans and hang them in strechers where they wouldn't be so hard to iron! HA! Good job! Nice and sunny, good memories.

Sandra said...

Isn't it amazing how a scene so ordinary can be changed in to something so special with a paint brush?
I love it!!

IrinaSztukowski said...

Hi Kay, isn't it always some story in hung clothes?!! I love the palette, whole rainbow is there. It is so cheerful and clean :)
well done!