Friday, October 19, 2012

Basket of Gourds - palette knife watercolor

11x15 watercolor still life on Italia 140 lb cold press paper, completed this afternoon using palette knife only.  No pencil drawing nor brush used and I worked from a black and white reference.  I began upper left by spritzing fine mist water onto dry paper then laying in pure fresh color with the knife tip for autumn leaves and the woven basket.  Assorted colorful gourds rounded out the composition, and lastly, I made calligraphic marks with edge, side, and tip of the knife.


Susan Roux said...

Kay, your work is so lively and colorful. It just makes me smile. I can only imagine the happiness it must bring to your buyers. It's like sunshine smiling down on you.

Cathy Inzer said...

Wow, this is done with a palette knife? What type? Just beautiful, full of color.